Adorable and Adoptable

Currently in Mutts foster homes we do not have any available animals to adopt.  A few will be available in a about 7-10 days.   Please take a look at one of the animals in the other rescues in town.   Thank you for taking the time to look and care about these kind souls.

SNOOPY Chihuahua/Pug Mix:

adoptable by Another Chance Animal Welfare League Inc., Palo Cedro, CA

TIZZY Border Collie Mix

PHOEBE Miniature Pinscher/Toy Fox Terrier Mix

Adoptable thru Annies Pet Rescue

Toby the Tabby

available trough Raining cats and dogs.


















2 thoughts on “Adorable and Adoptable”

  1. Hi! I met you at the Super Adoption in Fresno with Noah’s rescue. Just wondering if both beautiful Bella’s got homes.


    Lisa–I was the one that really liked the “tall” Bella

    1. Lisa Thank you so much for coming out to the Super Adoption Event. The “tall” Bella was adopted by a wonderful couple in Bass Lake. Bella will truly be the princess she wants to be.

      I hope you find the right dog to fit in your family.


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