Please click on the picture to see more details.  If you would like to meet anyone please send an email to dogvolunteer@gmail.comor 530.941.8200.  Thank you for taking the time to look at these cats and kittens.  PLEASE spay and neuter your animals, these are from just from the first round of kitten season in 2013.

MTS Adoption Application

Another Chance Animal Welfare League has a ton of kittens needing homes.  Please see their petfinder page.





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  1. Hi Margie,
    We are located in Redding, CA in northern California. All of our cats/kittens are in foster homes. We do not have a specific facility. On the 2nd Saturday of every month with work with the Shasta County Animal Shelter at their adoption drives and we bring out cats/kittens as well. We also can arrange meet and greeets upon request. We do allow the cats to meet if the person’s cat has been properly vaccinated. Often when introducing new cats to one another, same with kittens, they will avoid each other or hiss at each other. They usually take a few days to weeks to warm up to each other. As far as adoption fee, it will vary based on if we have had the cat spayed/neutered. If you are looking at a specific cat please contact Jenn at She can answer more specific questions.

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